Friday, October 28, 2016

Allison's Giveaway

Hello everyone!
I just discovered Allison's blog, a farm girl's life. And I just saw that she is having a giveaway to celebrate 1190 followers! [that's a lot, ain't it? :) ]
Here it is:

150 followers. That’s really pretty great! And now…. *GASP* It’s simply amazing.
Thank you all soooooo, so much! You guys are one of my top favorite parts of blogging. ♥ I’ve met ClaraGraceHayleyK. A.MistyRebekahJosie and so many more lovely girls through blogging. I love you! ♥
In celebration of this momentous moment in my blog’s life, I’m hosting a giveaway (in case you haven’t noticed).😀

» The Prize «

 The prize will include two things:

  1. A miniature garden kit to make a garden similar to this one. This includes the following:
File Oct 14, 8 32 11 PM.jpeg002003004005
  • 1 glass terrarium globe
  • A mini-bag of soft, green, dried moss
  • A mini-bag of blue glass pebbles
  • 3 clay succulents (made by me)
  • 1 clay mushroom (made by me)
  • 1 shiny, marbled clay stone (made by me)
  • Plus a few other tidbits I might throw in😉
2. Your choice of one of the following coupons for my Etsy shop:
  • 30% off any item
  • Free shipping on any item

» How to Enter «

  • If you are under 18, please get a parent’s permission before entering this giveaway.
  • I will need your email address and/or your address so I can notify you and give you the prizes. But of course I will NOT share either of those – they’re safe with me.😉
  • To enter, comment saying you would like to enter (well duh), and include a bible verse, quote, or riddle (or all of the above) that you like.
  • NOTE: This giveaway is only open to my readers living in the United States. I’m so sorry about that, but shipping gets complicated (not to mention expensive) otherwise.😥

» To Collect Extra Entries… «

  • Take my survey to collect one extra entry – but please take it only if you actually read my blog or it won’t help me much.😉 (By the way, this is a new survey, so none of you have taken it yet as far as I know.)
  • Share this post on Pinterest or social media to collect one extra entry. (NOTE: You may share this post as many times as you like, but you still will only get one extra entry.)
  • Share any other post from my blog on Pinterest or social media to get one extra entry. Please pick a post you actually like instead of randomly sharing any post. (Again, only the first share will give you an extra entry, but I’m ecstatic if you want to share more!😀 )

»When Will This Giveaway Close?«

  • This giveaway will close October 28th at 12:00 am, ET. You have only two weeks!
  • On October the 29th I will announce the winner. I’ll also add the bible verse, quote, or riddle they included with their entry, as well as my favorites from the rest of the participants – just to add a little extra fun.🙂
AAAAHHH THIS IS SO EXCITING! Thank you guys once again for reading my blog. ♥

What do you think? I say, go check it out! Of course the entering happens on Allison's blog, so go check it out: And hurry up because the giveaway ends soon!

Guys, I'm SOOO close to being done with another real post! (Why does it take me so long to finish and publish one? Procrastination! Okay, it's also attributed to busy life. But also procrastination.) Anyway, hopefully you'll be seeing another post soon and very soon!


Jewels <3

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