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These are hand-painted watercolor cards. On the inside of each card (excluding the one on the bottom right, which has a verse on the front) is a Bible verse written in calligraphy. I sell a pack of 4 watercolor cards for $20, not including shipping. 

[Wording on the hot-air ballon card: 'For as high as the heavens are above the earth...' (the inside finishes the verse: so great is His mercy towards those who fear Him.) Wording on the bottom left card: Faith, hope, love (inside finishes: but the greatest of these is love)  Wording on the pink butterfly card: Thank you. Wording on bottom right card: The heavens declare the glory of God...]
The cards pictured above are drawn with Yosoo markers--an alcohol based marker that allows for layering and blending without tearing the paper. Each card has a Bible verse written with calligraphy on the inside. I sell one pack of 5 for $15, shipping not included. 

[Wording on top middle card: Choose joy.  Wording on top, right card: Love. Wording on middle, left card: Peace. Wording on coffee mug card: I <3 coffee. Wording on the card smack dab in the middle: Be happy.  Wording on bottom left card: Happy birthday.]

These are sets of them all packaged together.

If you would like personalized cards, I am open to doing that for you; however, prices may be different.   If you would like pictures of the Bible verses on the inside of each one, leave a comment and I can send you a picture or post it on here for you to see.   If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment as well.  And I apologize for the low-quality pictures :)


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