Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A tennis racket and baby chicks

Heyllo everyone!

Maybe you remember me saying in this post that Britt from Ranch Life Site has been hosting a challenge on her blog every month. Last month it was on Summer Skies, and this month it is on editing. So, here is what I am entering:

Before editing

After editing. 
What do you think of these? Do you think that the editing makes it a better looking picture?

We had five baby chicks just hatch, too! Four golden yellow--two of which have a brown spot on their head--and one black one with a little bit of yellowish-brown fuzz around it's face. They are really cute and fluffy :)

Here are some pictures--maybe not as good as they could be, because our camera is on vacation, but still, you get the picture ;^) :)

All of them together :) Does anyone else get a beautiful picture of adoption?

This is Hazelnut. It is the baby of the family. Well.....They're all babies, but he/she is the baby of the babies.

Hazelnut seems to have a large inclination to sleep :) 

This here is Lemon. She is second born.

These two are Dotty (on the left; Dotty on account of the little brown spot on his/her head; Dotty is also the firstborn), and Lemon (on the right).

The other one with the brown spot on it's head is named Zip, and the other all gold/yellow chick is named Sunshine.  Anyway, it's fun to be baby animal grandparents again :) While the actual hen, Bubblegum, did all the work of sitting on the eggs and keeping them the right temperature for 21 days, we were the ones that made sure her nest was secure of predators, and took her out to get some food and water every evening like she needed to--she couldn't quite seem to figure out how to get out of her cage thingy-ma-bobber. So we sort of feel like the grandparents to them or something. Twice duckling grandparents, now chick grandparents :) 

So, now you've seen our most recent farm additions. I hope you enjoyed seeing them as much as we love watching and holding them!

"Wise men lay up knowledge, but the mouth of the foolish is near destruction." ~Proverbs 10:14

Julia <3 


  1. Your pictures are really nice, Jewwls! :)


    1. Whoops, sorry for that typo there! I meant Jewels. (I type way too fast sometimes. xD)

  2. Awwwwwww! Those baby chicks are adorable. I love hazelnut and her name. She is the cutest! We hatched chicks a few months ago. I love chicks....they're so soft and fluffy. One chick hatched late, and when we tried to put him with the other chicks and the mom, they didn't want him. So he would follow us around in the house. It was the CUTEST thing to watch!


  3. I know!!
    Hazelnut was/is my favorite, too [as maybe you can tell with all the pictures of her :D ]. She has gold and brown streaks now that she's got her feathers. Our duck Nibbles chased us around the house, too! So funny :)
    Thanks for the comment!
    Jewels <3


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